About Me

I’m Ross Hendrickson and here are some tid-bits about me.

Professional Background
Languages I work in now
Python, Go, occasionally some Actionscript, Clojure, or Dart when required.

I currently am the Lead Engineer for a team of Software Engineers who write platform solutions for Workiva (formally Webfilings). My team works on platform pieces including distributed graph traversal systems, custom publish subscribe systems, calculation engines and ecosystem packages (caches, client libs etc.). We work on a lot of really fun problems. I will be transitioning to working with multiple teams to coordinate on our cross system distributed data sharing platform as an Architect.

Languages I’ve worked in at previous positions
Java, Actionscript (FLEX), Python, Javascript

Technologies I am familiar with
Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Google App Engine, Google Datastore, SQL, AWS

Languages and Technologies I’m working on
C (Microprocessor), Mastering Go

Current Position
Software Architect – Workiva 3/2016 – Present
Senior Software Engineer – Workiva 12/2013 – 3/2016
Software Engineer – Workiva 6/2012 – 12/2013

Positions I’ve held in the past
Research Assistant – University of Colorado Boulder 1/2011 – 5/2012
Software Developer – Global Educational Technologies 8/2010 – 5/2011
Software Developer – Brigham Young University 12/2006 – 12/2010
Research Assistant – Brigham Young University 08/2007 – 8/2010

Brigham Young University – 2010
B.A. in English Language, Minor Linguistics Computing
University of Colorado – Boulder
Graduate work in Natural Language Processing

For complete details, check out my linkedin profile or e-mail me for a copy of my resume. I am usually available for contract work.

I like to think of myself as perpetually curious, someone who loves to be learn how things work. I also enjoy creating things both digitally as well as physically. I’ve been a member of a Hackerspace. I build CNC machines, enjoy woodworking, building furniture, and learning.  My education background is in computational linguistics and cognition. I’ve been writing programs in a variety of languages since the mid 90s when I wrote my first qbasic game. I also contribute to open source when I can (https://github.com/savorywatt) and you can usually find me lurking on freenode as savorywatt.