Category: Programming

Introducing Slicerhub

Slicerhub is a framework to power server based (‘cloud!’) slicing of 3D models for 3D printing. There will be a publicly addressable RESTful API up and running at soon. The project is fully open source under the BSD license. Slicerhub allows much lower powered machines to have models sliced on a much more powerful machine over the web. Imagine...

UIMA Quick Start – SDK install & Plugins

Previously I wrote on my first impressions of UIMA and how great it is, for a quick look at that go to this post. To help people get things running quickly I thought I’d throw down a quick tutorial to get the UIMA SDK up and running and working with Eclipse on your machine.

UIMA introduction and reactions

Right now I’m working on learning more about UIMA. What is UIMA and why would you want to learn it? Well, if you work in the Computational Linguistics field would you be surprised to know that UIMA is what powered Watson on┬áJeopardy? The head guy over at IBM in charge of Watson development is also the head guy of UIMA...