Some times you don’t need a 3D printer

This Saturday morning as my wife and I were talking about what needed to be done around the house she showed me how the knob on our crock pot had snapped off. I immediately thought here was a chance to make and then print something fun. I took the lid and happily broke out the calipers and OpenSCAD. About 30 minutes later I had this fully parametric design (



However, as I attempted to extract the screw from the actual lid I realized I had just duplicated the part that had already broken off and that I could just remove the pressure spreader and then the length of screw would fit just fine.



For kicks I printed it anyways and I’m glad I did because it made me realize I need to do some re-calibrating to get my circles perfect (also playing with a new fan). Towards the end of the print Pronterface crashed so the top didn’t turn out as nice. Today I really felt the truth to theĀ statementĀ  “When all you have is a hammer everything looks like nails”



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