I’ve been working on a project to help people manage disparate SCAD generated objects and how they can interact. The idea behind this is a system that could ‘render’ to a specific format (STL, DXF, AMF) different SCAD sources so that you could assemble the STLS together or print them out. Essentially I think of this project as a compiler of solid objects. The motivation behind this is based on my desire to help the E-nable printable prosthetics group manage their many designs and allow cross pollination of designs to be easier.

Think of a robotic hand, or a prosthetic hand. You could have several versions of fingers that could all potentially mate with a couple different wrists. Say each part is in a separate github repository. To write something that would let you customize all those scripts together involves copying a ton of code, ensuring no var name conflicts, maybe wrapping or modifying their code so you can call a module to build their stuff so you can assemble it.

So I wrote tailorSCAD to allow you to inject parameters and render STLs from disparate SCAD files using a simple config and tailorSCAD. It is currently in alpha and code is available on github. Video is an overview of how it works.


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