It’s about time

Hello web,

I’ve wanted my own website for a while. I’ve thought about it. I’ve sketched out ideas. I’ve basically done a lot of talking. Well web, enough chatter, time to get walking.

I’m a pretty complicated person, as most people are I’ve found, so this site may not be as focused or direct as some other web sites. I’m ok with that. Right now in life I’m working at trying to balance my passions with the reality that bills have to be paid and food and shelter are kind of important. To do all that I do lots of things. I work part time from home as a programmer. I also work part time as a research assistant, graduate assistant, and even some times teaching assistant. My passions get a little satiated by my own personal work on my writing (writing a book), this website, learning about electronics, learning more about programming, and my art.

I hope that this website will be a good place for me to express myself and a chance to help others learn a long the way. Now I just need to work on having more viewers than spiders 🙂



I didn’t get reason 1: it was taken, reason 2: my last name is long, hard to spell (seriously!?) and I wanted a website that was something a little more than “hey here’s my resume in HTML format!”

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