Writing groups are awesome

Recently I started writing an actual novel. I’ve had some experience writing short stories and volunteered at The Leading Edge Magazine while I was in college for my undergrad so I’ve read a lot of slush. However, despite all this, and taking a class from my favorite author (Brandon Sanderson) on writing I have never produced my own novella, much less a full novel. So this summer I’ve decided to actually stop talking and actually start doing some of the things that I have really enjoyed doing partially in the past. As part of Brandon’s class I started a novel (Winter 10) but between it being my last semester, having our first born, and a nasty bout with bronchitis I never got very far with it. So I’m picking up where I left off and starting anew. So far I’m a few thousand words in, hopefully that will move into the tens of thousands. I’m shooting for at least 60K by the end of summer.

The title of this post ties into all of that because I randomly happened to meet some other people interested in writing at a local software company. Go figure. As I had been part of a writing group before I asked them if they knew anyone local (I’ve only been here for 10 months, most of it in school so…). They had one, but it was full (totally understand, writing groups are tough to start and keep going without people killing each other over comments) so they hooked me up with an online one. The group has been great as a motivator for me to feel obligated to someone to get something done once a week. It is also nice to be part of a group that is motivated to produce material and be able to be inspired by what others write. So, besides blogging, working, and everything else in life I’ll be writing a lot this summer too.


Hope you found this watt savory

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