Chrome and Firefox

I just realized that on my new laptop (new as of two months ago) I don’t have firefox installed. I wanted to preview a webpage I’m working on in another broweser so I typed into the windows app search bar “fire..” and got windows firewall. How did this happen? Usually the first thing I do when I get a new computer is install firefox on it. I havn’t used IE for years and only within the last year really started using chrome. I initially checked out Chrome when google announced it but still used firefox on my main machine. I checked out Chrome because at the time I was working with some web develeopment type stuff and wanted to test it out, and it was Google’s broweser and I was curious.

Yet here I am, months into a new machine and all I use is Chrome. I think it was simply that it loaded faster that made the choice. I also liked how bookmarks synced “magically” and I didn’t have to install a plugin like foxmarks (which I had been using with firefox). We’ve even switched out main HTPC broweser over to it because the HTPC doubles as my wife’s workstation (when she gets tired of using her netbook).  Am I really that obsessed with speed? With minimalism? I dont’ know. The only other feature that I really loved about Chrome that firefox did not have at the time was the opportunity to pull out tabs and put them back. Also, seperatly running processes really attracted me because I’ve expereinced a broswer crash because of one crappy websites javascript or a plugin crash and lost my “place” in the internets.

Maybe I’ve just switched because I like it. Define that internets. People make choices everyday that don’t have a rational explanation and I guess for me the broweser choice is just that, irrationality backed up by some flimsy rationalisms to make me ok with the irrational ones.


What browser do you use? And why?

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