Pandora brought FM Radio back into my life

Today I realized that after living in Boulder for almost 10 months I still have no idea what radio stations I should or would like to listen to. Why? I had a 6 CD changer in my last car, and my new(er) car now has an aux input (Pandora). You’d think that I would know at least one station, but nope I don’t. Pandora has to be one of the buggiest Android apps out there. Every time it asks to update I get excited that perhaps it will fix all the freezing and crashing. So far, all I’ve seen are changes in how the ads are served. Oh well, it’s free right?

Well, given that I have been using Pandora I finally got fed up enough and turned the radio on. It was an interesting experience. The first thing I noticed was how much talking goes on, even on music stations. So much yak yak yak. Not really interesting based on content, but put in the context of where I was listening things were interesting. Hearing the different socio-politico point of views being shared helped give me a better feeling for the Denver / Boulder area than I’d heard previously. Granted, it was talk radio or just some random DJ, but what they were saying must not have been upsetting people enough to get them fired or the station taken off the air. Anyway, I also enjoyed hearing the advertisements. For some reason it was nice to hear things that were about this region instead of the same ad over and over and over on Pandora. Next time I’m in the car I’ll try enjoying Radio some more.


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